Church History

God called Pastors Noel and Rirhandzu to teach and preach Word of faith. Since inception they have been very consistent in teaching faith. Word Of Life Ministries International also known as WOLMI was birthed in the hearts of both Pastor Noel and Rirhandzu Sithole on the 18th January 1998, in their first residence flat at 612 Parkvilla, Sunnyside, Pretoria, South Africa. WOLMI’s first service was held in their own 1 bedroom flat and was attended by only one person who is sadly late. This never served as a discouragement in the heart and mind of the two founding Pastors. Soon thereafter, word of mouth spread out like veldfire about the newly started church and as a result, the next Sunday service was moved to the TV room of the flat block. Around eight people attended including one of Pastor Noel’s mentors, Rev. Arnold Mashamaba. Pastor Noel and Rirhandzu knew God had called and destined them for something better, greater and powerful.
They believed in Job 8:7 which says; “Thou thy beginning was small, yet thy latter end should greatly increase”. They believe that it is only the grave that starts from the top but everything else in life starts from bottom up.
On the 31 May 1998, WOLMI then moved to the Conference Center at 140 Hamilton Street with only eleven(11) people including seven (7) solid members.
In about 2 years, the venue became full (also with its overflow) and this necessitated another relocation to SG Lourens Nursing College.
On the 31 July 2000 whilst fellowshipping at the college WOLMI for the first time rented its first office block at Benstra Building in Church Street. It was in these offices where the ministry begun to set up systems in place.
On the 1st August 2003 WOLMI once again moved to the Jewish synagogue in Pretorius street. In 2004, WOLMI’s penultimate move was to the Arcadia Centre.
In the same year a visiting speaker, a Man of God from Mpumalanga Province who did not know anything about the church praying for the land prophesied about the land.
Towards the end of his sermon he insisted that what he was about to say must be recorded and then he goes on saying
" It shall be noised about this church. It shall be noised about the Man of God and his wife. It shall be noises that there is a church there where God is moving by His Spirit. It shall be noised.... It shall be noised.... It shall be noised. There shall be a beat about this church. There shall be a prophetic beat about this church. There shall be a sound of Prosperity. There shall be a sound of Royalty. There shall be a sound of Influence in this church and about this church. There shall be a sound over this City.
I am tuning you in to the right wavelength. I am leading you to your well- well of prosperity, wealth and influence.
Business people shall come. Politicians shall come .Educated people shall come. The poor shall come but when the poor come they shall be empowered to prosper. God is making your Pastor a very wealthy Man of God. He will be known by wealth, serious wealth. When others are known by the gift of casting out demons he will be known of wealth. There is an anointing for wealth and riches . Wealth and riches shall be in in his house and in this church. There is an anointing for business. Members of this church shall draw from the oil of wealth . And the businesses of this church shall rise up. There is an anointing of  business in this church. Your business shall grow. Your business shall flourish because of that anointing that flows over your Pastor. It is the anointing of wealth and riches. And as he stands to minister there shall be transfer of spirit of wealth and of the anointing that is upon his life.
I see you owning your own farm where there shall be a lot of production taking place. I see God raising you up. I hear a sound of cattle.  I see more production. The anointing of wealth and prosperity will rub on this church .
Many will come, some will come already rich but some will come ordinarily and God will raise them up as powerful people in this city and this nation"
WOLMI comes a long way. The road to the present setting was characterized by mountains, valleys and potholes. Purpose cannot be fulfilled without pits and potholes on the way. What can overcome faith? Nothing. Faith overcomes all obstacles in life.
God laid it in the hearts of Pastor Noel and Rirhandzu in late 1999 to start believing God for a church property.In October 2005 God instructed Pastor Noel to go out and look for a land of his own. At that time, it did not make sense because the church was in arrears of R33 000 ($2650)towards the landlord. Pastor Noel and Rirhandzu being full of faith moved in obedience to the voice of God. There were preparations before the process kick start. They set up a fundraising committee and failed few times. But when a new fundraising team was appointed they had a clear vision and God worked with them.
At the time of fundraising  the church had only R1500 ($115) in the general church bank account and yet wants to purchase a property worth R2millions($135 000). This never made sense to everybody in the church and to some friends.
Four major banks in South Africa declined the application twice but it was not final with God and this never discouraged them. Against all odds, Pastor Noel and Rirhandzu stood on the word of God. They applied pressure on the word and the word applied pressure on the situation. They confessed, prayed, bind and loosed and also had holy communion about this land. In the natural it seemed practically impossible but not in the spirit.
As fundraising progressed a couple sowed a ground breaking seed of R5000 into the fundraising account. Then funds begun to pour in until the church purchase the land. Pastor Noel used to preach " if you can see it in the spirit you can have it in the natural". This was the message he taught his congregation during that time.
Finally in September 2007  9ha (22.2acres) was acquired in Pretoria. The process demanded faith, patience and perseverance. The church moved from inner city to the farm.
Isaiah 55:8 declares " For my thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways my ways My ways"
God's ways are not our ways and His thoughts not our thoughts. With God there is no logic. God's ways never made any sense to human reasoning.
Only faith, faith in Him. In the Bible Jesus would solve one problem in different ways. For example, to one blind man Jesus would spit on the ground, put mortar on the eyes and instruct the blind to go wash at the pool of Siloam. To another Jesus would say “what wilt thou that I should do unto thee? This does not make sense at all. Naaman was asked to go wash at river Jordan in order to be healed of his leprosy. There were many rivers in Naaman's home town but God instructed him to go to Jordan River. How would you say to a blind man go wash, how should the blind man go wash?
Pastor Noel and Rirhandzu had faith to believe and faith to receive. In the natural it was absolutely impossible to get it.
1Timonthy 1:18 Paul writing a letter to Timothy says “ This charge I commit unto thee, son Timothy, according to the prophecies which went before on thee, that thou by them mightiest war a good warfare”.
They both believed "Faith Works Wonders". They both prayed according to that prophecy.
In Gen.22 Abraham left his house to mount Moriah before seeing any provision. So it was the case with Pastor Noel and Rirhandzu. In the face of apparent defeat they confessed the word of God and the Word worked wonders. Provision came along the way.
Romans 4:16 declares “Therefore it is of faith, that it might be by grace; to the end the promise might be sure to all the seed; not to that only which is of the law, but to that also which is of the faith of Abraham; who is the father of us all”
In addition to the current rights, the church applied for another Consent Use in 2014 that would allow the ministry to erect a sizeable structure. The process was expected to last between 6 to 12 Months but it dragged for 4 years.
In the month of May 2018 after waiting for four years the municipality approved our application. We are currently preparing building plans.
Nothing is impossible with God!
At present, Word Of Life Ministries International has its Head Quarters and also fellowships at its own property situated on plot 27 Wallmansthal, Waterval, Pretoria South Africa