WOLMI is blessed to have such committed Sunday School teachers. These are highly qualified staff with passion to impact the leaders of tomorrow.

Our teachers believe that seed sown in them now is the harvest to be manifested tomorrow.

Our vision for our kidz is to train them  the way they should go, And when they are old they will not depart from the word of God. Bring your children to a place where their life will be transformed through the word of God. We teach children the undiluted Word of God in a level that they can understand. From our Bible based teachings a solid basics of Christianity such as salvation, baptism in water and with Holy Spirit, Holy Communion, etc. is laid in the bedrock of their hearts.
Teach them to pray for themselves and to intercede for others.
Proverbs 22:6 NKJV

What is children ministry ? 

 The children’s ministry is a family ministry. This means that the children ministry teachers team up with parents of the children. It is a spiritual based ministry with the aim of :

  • Leading them to the cross at an early stage
  • Preparing children for future
  • Establishing pillars of moral foundation
  • Help them identify who they are
  • Inculcate the culture of knowing God
  • Influence them to know the Bible, pray and witness to other children
  • To widen their mental horizon
  • To capacitate their spiritual life
  • To plant everlasting seeds in their hearts